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When Fat Pam, a woman we never actually see, moves out of the neighborhood, Katie is distressed to become the second fattest housewife in Westport, (the original name of the show ) so she and husband Greg (Diedrich Bader) concoct a plan: find another larger-ish-type gal (Gregs words) to buy the house. Its one thing to have a character be vulnerable, but its another to use that vulnerability to drive a half-hearted plot. Maybe they should have just gone with one of Katies earlier suggestions: tampon wind chime. So anyway, they spend the afternoon at the open house scaring away every skinny woman in sight, but only skinny women are in sight. Just when Yoga pants for women theyre about to give up, the plus-size woman of Katies dreams walks through the doorthe camera slowly pans up as Berlins Take My Breath Away plays. For a show thats supposed to be about normalizing bodies, American Housewife still relies on the tired punchlines that have long plagued overweight people on screen. Not only is this character entirely defined by her body, but the scene ironically presents her body as sexy, borrowing a song commonly used to score love-at-first-sight moments, to make a cheap joke at her expense. The audience is still laughing at a fat woman just because shes fat. In the end, the would-be new neighbor ends up being a racist homophobe, and after Katie runs her out of the neighborhood by making out with her Black Lesbian Friend, another skinny Stepford Wife moves in instead. Katie is back to being comfortable enough with her body that she doesnt need someone fatter to make her feel better, but the underlying message is still at least Im not that fat. Despite a foundational tone issue, American Housewife still has the potential to be a good showKaty Mixon is charming, and Diedrich Baders delivery is consistently on point.

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