The most popular takeaway orders across the UK, revealed Burgers are far and away the nation's most popular delivery meal Time was when if you wanted an easy dinner but couldn’t be bothered to go out, you’d have to resort to a supermarket ready-meal or a dodgy curry picked up from the Indian restaurant down the road. But times are changing, and in most cities around the UK we’re now spoilt for choice with endless options for high-quality food delivered straight to our door. As possibly the best-known food delivery service, we asked Deliveroo to reveal which foods were the most popular choices on the app in different cities across the UK. The unwritten rules of your food delivery apps Clearly, we are a nation of burger lovers, with 28 of the 60 cities on the list choosing some sort of burger as their top dish.  Seven of the most popular deliveries are Thai food, six are burritos and just four cities went for pizzas. There’s an interesting mix of chain eateries and independent restaurants, but Pizza Express, Wagamama and Barburrito seem to be the most popular chains, each with three appearances. All but two of our cities’ favourite deliveries are savoury meals - Chester and Peterborough seem to be the two British towns with the biggest sweet tooths (sweet teeth?). The list reveals that some cities are clearly more adventurous than others: While burgers with all the toppings and trimmings emerged victorious in towns across the nation, Livingston, in contrast, clearly likes to play it safe with a Pizza Express Margherita emerging as their most popular takeaway. And the classic fish and chips seems to be losing its place in the nation’s hearts (unless we’re simply going to pick it up ourselves), with just one city, Cheltenham, choosing the traditional supper as its top delivery meal. Garçon Wines: Wine delivery that fits through your letterbox Here are the most popular delivery meals in cities across the UK: Aberdeen: Chicken Katsu Curry - Wagamama  Basingstoke: The Taxidriver - Gourmet Burger Kitchen  Bath: Chicken Tinga Burrito - Mission Burrito  Bournemouth: Prince Charles is Overrated - 7 Bone  Bristol: 6oz Prime Beef Burger - The Burger Joint  Chelmsford: Chicken Katsu Curry - YO!

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