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But what goes into an Om-azing studio ensemble is more than how it looks — Baldwin partnered with Gilt to curate a collection of her favorite pieces , and she shared with Bustle why she believes a great yoga wardrobe is all about how it makes you feel. "[A perfect outfit should give you] comfort and a feeling of sexy, strong, confidence," Baldwin tells Bustle. "When I workout, I want to feel powerful so I can channel that into my practice." To get the most out of your time on the mat, you should go for an ensemble that won't get in the way of your zen, she says. "For pants, I want something form fitting that won't ride up or fall at the waist. For tops and bras, I want to feel supported in any position I contort myself into. If I'm upside down (even just in Down Dog), I don't want my shirt flipping up and making my practice more difficult." (Know that feel.) "You want an outfit that you don't have to constantly adjust and feel awkward in," says Baldwin. "We are all superheroes when we step on our mats...we just have to have the right super suit." Now that's a mantra I can get on board with. As a bonus, a great yoga outfit can take you right back into your busy yoga pants delivery uk life after you've taken the time for yourself in class. "I love pants that I can step off my mat, throw on some boots, and make that effortless and chic transition of studio to street ....I wear my workout clothes and pair them with heeled boots and a jacket, and some shades," says Baldwin.

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